As a boutique firm with a global reach, we count on our world-class Bench talent to ensure we are agile and responsive. We are a united and diverse team that is strategically focused on guiding athletes and executives on their journey towards personal and professional growth, leadership development, brand management, and sport, business, and life transitions. Our trailblazing team of coaches empowers Won For All’s passionate and disciplined clients, and our consultants provide best-in-class expertise. Our collaboration ensures athletes and their stakeholders, leading executives and Business of Sports organizations, elevate their game to gain a sustainable, competitive advantage and achieve personal bests and sustainable business success.

Kelley Haggert

Communications Consultant

Paul Copcutt

Personal Brand Coach

Mark McKoy

Wellness Consultant

John Haime

High Performance Coach

Pat Lipovski

Strategy Leadership Advisor

Marla Spergel

Athlete Transitions Coach

John Whitehead

Executive & Leadership Coach

Christiane St-Amour

Leadership Development Specialist

Chris DePiero

Leadership Development Coach

Jason O’Brien

Global Networking Consultant

Matt McPhee

Sponsorship Consultant

Shane Beharry

Sponsorship Consultant

Jay Wolf

Leadership Performance Coach

Jasmine Sandler

Digital Marketing

Kevin Rempel

Mental Resilience Coach

Vijay Setlur

Marketing Instructor

Chrissy Carew

Hall-of-Fame Master Certified

Christine Felgueiras

Professional Speaking, Branding

Kim Donaldson

Women’s Sports Thought Leader

Louis Jourdan Brasil

Tri-Lingual High Performance Coach

Matt Stover


Derek Stone

Talent Development

Jamie Sale


Robert Paris

Life Transformation Coach

Rob Pallante

Performance & Leadership Coach

Debbie Miller

Marketing and Licensing Consultant

Kirsty Dunne

Digital Media Consultant

Joel Finlay

Olympian, Rowing

Charisse Bacchus

Track & Field Athlete

Sarah Wells

Olympian, Track & Field

Pat Karns

Medical Prof., Trainer, Author

Nancy J Spotton

Certified Master Performance Coach

Sean Reczulski

Sports Philanthropist

Sophie Turner

Career, Leadership & Brand Coach

Nikola Girke

Sailor, Olympic Windsurfer

Maren Walseth

Pro Basketball Player

Dani Manning

Life, Career & Leadership Coach

Tiffeny Parker

Health & Wellness Coach

Michelle Newton

Sport Performance Consultant

Larissa Mills

Mental Skills Educator & Consultant

Jennifer A. Garrett

Speaking, Branding & Business Coach

Jens Casten

Sports Psychology & Bus. Intel. Coach

Hugh Hamilton

Self-Development Coach

Claire Carver-Dias

Communication & Presentation Coach

Dr. Allen Shrum

Athlete Transition Coach

Judi Glbert

Executive Leadership Coach

WON FOR ALL Staff - Client Experience, Creative, & Business Development

Jenn Chorney

Client Experience Manager

Greg Carrington

Business Development Coordinator