Christine Felgueiras

Professional Speaking, Branding

Christine Felgueiras is a professional speaker offering a unique skill combination that’s optimized a successful career as a sales executive in the Information Technology sector and extensive experience as a speaker, trainer, and coach in professional development, leadership and executive presence, public speaking, and personal branding.

This multi-disciplined background has made Christine acutely aware of how projected image, a powerful blend of communication expertise, behavioural intelligence, and workplace best practices combine to play a significant role in how we are perceived and influence the success of our interactions with customers, team members, and leadership.

Christine has worked extensively with individuals and organizations both in the private and public sectors, delivering coaching and training to successfully meet growing workplace and market demands. She has been a keynote speaker for a number engagements and been recognized for her expertise in fostering exceptional leadership presence and championing individual public speaking excellence.

Christine’s added value is her vast experience living and working abroad, which gained her an in-depth understanding of the complexities businesses face in today’s ever-changing, virtually-connected, and competitive market environment. Her mission and passion are to help businesses lead with their most powerful advantage – their people.

“I’ve learned that every organization has its unique manner of operating, and yet the same principles of effective communication, good behavioural practices, and establishing a collaborative environment are key to the success and growth of any business.”