Who We Are

We are a trailblazing community of athletes, coaches, mentors, and executives who have all walked the walk, found our paths and purpose beyond competition, and are here now to help you do the same.

We’ve been there. We get it. We come from the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, CFL, MLS, and the Olympics, Paralympics. We are pioneers and Hall of Famers, Stanley Cup Super Bowl, and Tour Champions.

Our vision is to ignite a lifetime of extraordinary performances, infinite opportunities, and purpose.

Who We Aren't

  • We are not player agents; we do not negotiate athlete contracts.
  • We are not wealth management advisors; we do not offer financial advice.
  • We do not compete with player development programs, but we support them.

What We Do

We connect, educate, and empower athletes at any career stage, ensuring they embrace change and thrive throughout their athlete journeys and beyond, for a lifetime of sustainable success.

We help discover the brand that is uniquely you. We layer in two decades of experience in executive and athlete coaching, leadership development, and career, brand, and change management.

Then we activate our proprietary processes, best-in-class coaches, peers, mentors and network to create a support system and learning experience like no other, tailored by and for you.

Our Team

The Leadership

Our Leadership Team ranges from active and former elite athletes, to entrepreneurs and philanthropists, to corporate executives and thought leaders.

The Members

Our members are active and former professional athletes who have successfully transitioned to life after sport and are now in the business world as an executive, entrepreneur or philanthropist.

The Bench

Our Bench is our team of best-in-class, experienced, vetted and proven coaches, working in the Business of Sports, with C-Suite leaders, or with elite athletes. Sometimes all of the above.

The Advisors

Our Advisory Board is a collective of active, semi-retired and retired C- Suite leaders, game changing entrepreneurs, influencers, and former athletes with hands-on, start-up experiences and expertise.

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