WFA has brought together a diverse mix of trailblazing leaders from different cultures and environments, with various corporate and sports backgrounds and experiences. We are a broad range of thought leaders, elite executives, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and more. Some serve on our leadership and advisory teams to ensure WFA’s strategic growth, adaption, and innovation. Others, experts in their fields, work directly with our clients as coaches, consultants, mentors, and educators.

All are proud to be part of our best-in-class team that is strategically focused on guiding athletes and executives on their journey toward personal and professional growth. We are committed to collaborations that ensure that our clients elevate their game to gain a competitive advantage, achieve personal bests, and enjoy sustainable success and a life driven by purpose.

Won For All Executives are champions in their own right, many serve/served as C-Suite Leaders for global organizations, from the banking industry to consulting firms and high-tech, to the sports and entertainment sector, to ground-breaking start-ups. We have a phenomenal talent base that knows what it takes to win. Some are former elite and professional athletes, now all-stars in the business world.



Joe Jackman

Jenn Chorney

Danilo Djuricic

Darrell Burt

Shane Beharry

Nathan Belcher

Fiona Birch

Chrissy Carew

Greg Carrington

Paul Copcutt

Max Dawson

Kim Donaldson

Kirsty Dunne

Christine Felgueiras

Jennifer A. Garrett

Judi Glbert

Bill Greenhalgh

Hugh Hamilton

Pat Karns

Pat Lipovski

Matt McPhee

Dani Manning

Kelly Margani

Debbie Miller

Larissa Mills

Gary Moss

Michelle Newton

Meghan Nichol

Ian Niven

Jason O’Brien

Robert Paris

Sean Reczulski

Jasmine Sandler

Vijay Setlur

Neel Singh

Gordon Smeaton

Marla Spergel

Nancy J Spotton

Connie Stefankiewicz

Christiane St-Amour

Derek Stone

John Tolkamp

Sophie Turner

John Whitehead

Jay Wolf