A first-of-its-kind, leadership development and networking community is in the works. Through our state-of-the-art social networking and learning platform we aim to be the first to bring the entirety of the global sports business community together. From the boardrooms to the locker rooms, our members are forward-looking elite and professional athletes from every sport, their supportive, influential stakeholder networks, and sports professionals everywhere.
  • The WFA community is united by our commitment to personal and professional growth for sustainable passion, purpose, and prosperity. We share a ‘be more’ mindset, dedicated to leading and outperforming all competitors, in sport and business.


  • We are completely devoted to making a positive impact and a difference by building legacies through heart-centric activities – bettering the world by bridging the social, economic, and political gaps.


  • The WFA ecosystem surrounds you with like-minded people who impart wisdom and ideas that broaden perceptions. We are here to help you better understand how you fit into the world so you’ll enjoy lasting success and a lifetime of happiness.
  • The WFA ecosystem is home to elite, professional athletes and ‘Corporate Athletes.’ It is a safe place for all to share, to leverage broad experiences and expert advice that drives superior results and fuels your body, engages your mind, nurtures your spirit and enriches your life.


  • Our robust, cloud-based platform allows us to reach our business of sport audiences worldwide, creating lasting relationships and driving lifelong learning and sustainable success in sport, business, and life. We ensure versatile pathways and engaging interactions through virtual, real-time communications and personalized, flexible coaching and resources.


  • In addition to our online community, Won For All will be introducing live learning and networking group events for athletes and executives, coming to major cities near you.

Learn | Lead | Live!