Judi Gilbert, Won For All Bench Coach

Judi Gilbert

Executive Leadership Coach

As an author, leadership coach, consultant, and speaker Won For All’s Judi Gilbert is unwavering in her belief that building capability in people and teams will help organizations thrive and allow people to triumph. Her book, The Next Shift, A Guide to Identify Your Transferrable Skills and Successfully Transition from Sports has combined her passion for sport and her desire to help athletes recognize their skills beyond the rink, field, court, pool, or pitch.

From an early age, Judi excelled at multiple sports including ice hockey. Granted, it didn’t hurt being part of a legacy of successful hockey enthusiasts – her uncles are NHL stars Bobby & Dennis Hull; she is certain her hereditary past plays a part in her love for the game. By the time Judi was thirteen years old, multiple schools had approached her to join their hockey programs. She chose York University, and while playing hockey at the varsity level she worked towards her degree. Judi is an inductee into Belleville’s Sports Hall of Fame.

“As a former athlete, I am ecstatic to be a part of the Won For All community,” says Judi. “Won For All allows me to combine my passion for sport, with my 30+ years of management and leadership experience to help other athletes successfully transition from their sport to their ‘next’ shift.”

Won for All is excited to have Judi as part of their bench, as her expertise exemplifies what Won For All was founded on – an organization that aids athletes beyond the rink, field, court, pool, or pitch.