Kelly Margani

Kelly Margani

Learning & Education

Kelly is a strategic communications specialist and entrepreneur with a career spanning over 25 years working with tech start-ups, communications agencies, and small firms with big mandates — and even bigger aspirations. In her role as Director, Learning & Education, Kelly will be working with Won For All on the structure,  design, and delivery of our program offerings through our LMS, ensuring the personality of our brand and the integrity of our programs are consistently delivered across all platforms — online and off.

With experience working with tech start-ups and a background in strategy, communications, creative solutions, and client service, Kelly is a decisive communicator, design thinker, and a skilled problem-solver who strives to understand the unique needs of her audience in order to deliver exceptional results.

She is also a brain-based coach, certified by the Neuroleadership Institute, and in that role, she helps her clients reach their goals in specific, tangible ways — whatever they are.

Kelly is passionate about arming people with the tools and resources they need to take themselves to the next level—- personally and professionally. She brings a passion for process and a commitment to excellence to everything she touches.

Kelly loves working with high-achievers and driven individuals and sees the potential for even greater success — as defined by them — in every one of them. She’s thrilled to be a part of the Won For All advisory team where she can hone her craft with perhaps the greatest, most high-achieving, and driven group of all — competitive athletes.