Fiona Birch

Branding & Communications Expert

As a branding & communications expert who specializes in reputation management, Fiona is a strong asset for the Won For All community.

She brings high-profile experience in marketing, social media strategy, and PR to our team, working with organizations such as FIFA, MLB, McDonalds, and CIBC, to name a few, where she protected, promoted, and improved their image perception through various media campaigns and governance. In addition, she has also done work with athletes themselves, in groups and as individuals, creating brand strategies and a digital platform for reputation management training.

Fiona has a degree in Exercise Physiology – which she has put into action, serving as a sports trainer for elite sports in Australia for 10 years, Medical Director for Griffith University at the World University Games in 1994, and Assistant to the Medical Director at the 1994 World Triathlon Championships.

Fi has competed as an elite-level swimmer, rower, and professional lifeguard. In 2015 she also participated in the World Triathlon Championships in Chicago.