Jenn Chorney

Experience Manager

As Experience Manager with Won For All, Jenn Chorney is wearing many hats, but one of her key roles is to guide athlete and business of sport clients through our proprietary and personalized leadership development program, providing them with exceptional care and attention along the way.

She brings with her over ten years of project management, client/member relations, social media, and office management experience in the hospitality, technology, events, and sports realms; the last 8 years working with athletes of all levels on bringing their social media presence to the next level through content creation and calendar management.

She also held the position of Program Director and Board Member for an adult recreational sports league in her home region.

Jenn is a long-time sports enthusiast who grew up a competitive figure skater and soccer player. While residing in Alberta, she took her experience as a competitive athlete and established the off-ice skating program for the Jr and Sr competitive skaters in the Banff Figure Skating Club and coached the co-ed competitive soccer team in the neighbouring town – the first time the u15 team had a female head coach.

When not working, Jenn can be found on the soccer pitch with any of the 4 teams she captains, or on the sidelines cheering on her stepson who is in the Ontario Soccer Rep program.