Hugh Hamilton

Hugh Hamilton

Self Development Coach

Won For All’s Bench Coach Hugh Hamilton is a certified coach who focuses on happiness for athletes off the training ground. His motto? When you are fulfilled at home you’re happier at work.

Hugh was an internal coach for Whitecaps FC and has coached executives, office staff, coaches across Canada, and young Academy players, on top of leading workshops across multiple departments. Hugh’s strengths are providing tools for clients to access intuition, choosing perspectives, and creating life purpose statements that are “you” always.

Hugh is President of Hugh Hamilton Leadership Group. An international company with clients in North and South America, and Asia. He is a girl dad, writer, personal development guru, company culture geek, and soccer fan.

As an athlete,  he has played at the provincial level, won Provincials in baseball, and was a Juvenile Triple-A hockey all-star for the Fraser Valley.