Michelle Newton Won For All

Michelle Newton

Sport Performance Coach

Michelle Newton brings 20+ years of experience as a sport performance coach, both nationally and internationally, to her role at Won For All. Michelle specializes in the TAIS assessment tool. A tool that measures an athletes’ ability to perform under pressure, uncovers weaknesses and reveals blind spots in their game.

Michelle’s athletic background includes DH ski racing, mountain bike stage racing, and ultra-marathoning. Because of this competitive background, Michelle understands what it takes to be able to handle pressure, overcome obstacles, and be the best of the best.

For these reasons, she is very relatable and able to connect on a deeper level with her clients. Her strength lies in her ability to coach athletes in a way that builds trust and belief in themselves to achieve greatness in their sport.

Michelle is also a co-author of “Success Stories, Profiles of Canada’s Top Coaches,” and holds a level 3 NCCP certification.