Alisha Smith (nee Smith) World Cup & Olympian

Alisha Smith

Managing Member

Alisha Smith (nee Tatham) brings her World Cup and Olympian experiences to Won For All. Alisha serves as a mentor and brand ambassador for Won For All’s game-changing services and will play an integral part in helping Won For All with its strategic vision and global growth.

The former professional basketball player spent 9 years with the Canadian Women’s National Basketball Team. Alisha’s career was highlighted by a World Cup appearance and competing in the 2012 Summer London Olympic Games (with her teammate and sister Tamara Tatham). The Toronto native also enjoyed a 5-year professional playing career in Europe.

Alisha transitioned from the game to become a Speaker and Performance Coach. She also worked at Rogers Sportsnet. During her time there, her various business functions included writing articles for their website and magazine. Alisha appeared on national television as a sports personality broadcaster covering the 2016 Olympics and the CIS women’s basketball championship weekend.

Alisha recently joined BDA Sports Management, an agency that represents elite International Basketball Players In the NBA, Europe & Asia. She is a Client Manager, servicing NBA clients in their business and personal endeavors.

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst graduate majored in Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with her field of study in Sport Management. More recently, she completed a Life Coaching Certification program at Alex Ihama’s School of Greatness.