Olympian Andrea Proske

Andrea Proske

Olympian, Rowing

Olympian Andrea Proske brings her unconventional story, athlete mentality, and drive to help others realize the power of “What If,” to Won For All. At the unusually late age of 27, and despite no background in organized sport, Andrea Proske quit a promising hotel management career to chase Olympic dreams in a sport she’d never tried – all before she’d even stepped foot in a rowing shell.

Failing forward quickly became her motto as she faced underperformance, a serious motor vehicle accident, burnout from a global pandemic, and historic Olympic postponement. Despite serious last-minute injuries, a typhoon, and the ever-looming threat of COVID, Andrea’s uniquely female-coached rowing crew went on to boisterously sing the Canadian national anthem with the first W8+ Olympic gold medal since 1992.

When not in spandex, Andrea’s time is spent speaking to classrooms and boardrooms alike, sharing lessons from sport that go beyond the field of play. Andrea champions athletes’ rights in her role on the Board of Directors for AthletesCAN and is currently living in the Bahamas where she is creating a competitive junior pathway as Interim Head Coach for the Caribbean’s largest rowing club.

As a Won For All Managing Member, Andrea hopes to share her knowledge and experience, creating a space where other athletes, with or without unique journeys similar to her own, can share, learn and grow as athletes and as individuals.