Charisse Bacchus

Track & Field Athlete

Charisse brings over 18 years of experience representing Trinidad and Tobago both nationally and professionally, in regional and international competition in Track and Field. Her varied experience as an athlete and a sport administrator, pushed her to transition to sport and financial management.
Charisse believes in educating and empowering athletes to reach their managerial and financial goals. She serves as a mentor, a role model, and a brand ambassador for Won For All’s game changing services and will play an integral role in helping Won For All accelerate and execute its strategic vision of helping athletes be more than athletes.
Graduating from FIFA Master of Sport Management, Law and Humanities, coined as the leading programme in Sport Law/Management in the world, Charisse’s experience there motivated her to pursue sport for development as a means of improving the social circumstances of at-risk-youth as a program coordinator at CIES/FIFA.
Currently, she has been elected to The Canadian Soccer Association Board as an Independent Director where she hopes to create and instill a culture of diversity and inclusion while leading in pursuit of excellence in soccer.