Dave Ramsay

Dave Ramsay

Rugby Player & Executive Leader

Coaching – Mentorship – Leadership. That is what former national rugby player Dave Ramsay brings to Won For All as a Managing Member. Ramsay knows first-hand what it means to transition away from competition – having a lot of questions, but not knowing the answers or even how to find them. Today, through his affiliation with Won For All, he will now be able to leverage his passion to help others make a smooth transition from the game.

Dave wore the ‘C’ on his jersey at every level of competition, building a team culture predicated on putting the team ahead of oneself, outworking opponents, and sticking up for and sticking with your teammates. It’s this mentality and approach that has served him well outside of sport as well.

Having successfully led teams in the corporate, non-profit, start-ups, and community sectors, Ramsay’s business leadership experience is vast and diverse. He also currently serves on several sport-based community boards.

“What Won For All is providing athletes is a God sent and long overdue. Many times, friends and I would talk out a business case for mentoring former athletes about the transition from sport to work life and how to not just navigate but excel,” says Dave. “Won For All has figured out how to do just that. Through the Managing Member role, I get the opportunity to coach/mentor athletes and high-performing leaders from a perspective that only they can see. That thrills me to be able to help.”