Sam Effah

National Team Member, Track & Field

With his innate enthusiasm for sport, marketing, and the Olympic movement, track star Sam Effah brings his multiple talents and experiences to Won For All’s Managing Member Team.

The native Albertan is a 2-time Canadian Champion in the 100m and represented Canada at 3 World Championships, 3 World University Games, and most recently – the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

But it doesn’t stop there. In 2019 he was cast on The Amazing Race Canada Season 7, where he inspired audiences with stories of injury, resilience, and the hunger to be Canada’s fastest once again. Being selected for Canada’s #1 watched reality TV show – and placing second – is a testament to his marketability, strong storytelling talents, and drive to win some of the show’s toughest challenges.

On the corporate side, Sam has a passion for marketing, loves to speak, and is driven when it comes to sponsorship and community development projects.

At RBC, Sam works at head office with the Youth Strategy and Innovation team, working to create opportunities for youth across the country.

He’s also worked behind the scenes on sponsorship campaigns like The World Junior Hockey Championships, The Winter Olympics, WEDay, and RBC Training Ground.

As a 2021 Olympic hopeful while working in corporate – and excelling, Sam provides a unique athlete and executive perspective for Won For All, its clients, and other forward-thinking businesses.