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August '22 - Dates Coming Soon!

A Game-Changing Opportunity for Elite & Professional Athletes delivered by Won For All

Won For All gets us, our lifestyle and they’re connected- a fabulous program and experience that helped me land a DREAM JOB

Justin Morrow12 year MLS Athlete Cup Champion, All-Star, USA National Team Member, University of Notre Dame Graduate, Founder Black Players for Change, 2022 MLSE Executive

The Details


For Athletes

This opportunity is open to, and created specifically for active and former Professional Athletes, Elite, National Team, Olympians, and Paralympians, from all sports.

By Educators & Athletes

Won For All, and College of Sports Media’s, combined networks of educators, professional broadcasters, elite athletes (now sports broadcasters), leadership, and career coaches –   are serving as teachers, mentors, coaches, speakers, and panelists. 


Together we have created a unique program designed for elite athletes to gain invaluable hands-on leadership and broadcast training across TV, Radio, & Podcast media.


College of Sports Media – Downtown Toronto. The facility features 11,000 square feet divided into two distinct areas. College of Sports Media is the only college in the country with two Professional Newsrooms for both television and radio.


In-Person: To Be Confirmed
Three Phase Experience: We combine in-studio training with virtual learning, including personal branding, leadership development, communications, and networking.


Set yourself apart! Gain a competitive advantage through an invaluable ‘insider’ experience, accessing best-in-class knowledge and advice. Develop your own "on-air" technique, and walk away with your own highlight reel, personal brand story, expanded influencer network, and marketing strategy.

Other Important Details:

FEES: Full scholarships will be available for the program with a successful sponsorship drive. Fill out the registration form below to apply and see if you qualify! Enrollment is limited to 16 participants per event.

Who are the leaders and teachers of this program?

Won For All’s network of educators & elite athletes, professional broadcasters, & career coaches, serve as teachers, mentors, speakers, & panelists. Meet our leaders and teachers below.

Analyst, Athlete, Author, Attorney, WFA Advisor

Stu Grimson

Stu is a Senior Analyst at NHL Network, Corporate Counsel at ThirdHome, and General Counsel to the American Collegiate Hockey Association.

Stu played in the NHL for 14 years and remains connected to the game he loves as a Senior Colour TV Analyst at the NHL Network. He is the recent author of The Grim Reaper; The Life and Career of a Reluctant Warrior.

He also serves as Corporate Counsel at an exciting Luxury Travel Club – ThirdHome, as well as General Counsel to American Collegiate Hockey Association.

Notwithstanding, Stu is also a Real Estate Investor, Canadian, American, Nashvillian, Husband, Father, Grandfather, and an advisor for Won For All.

Maren Walseth Won For All
College Basketball Analyst, Professional Business Coach

Maren Walseth

Maren Walseth is a former pro basketball player turned freelance college basketball analyst, & Won For All coach.

As a student-athlete at Penn State University, Maren earned all-conference honors, competed in the 2000 NCAA Final Four, and graduated with a degree in broadcast media. She then went on to play professionally in the WNBA and Ligue Féminine de Basketball in France.

She has been a teacher, coach, and mentor her entire career. A 10-year assistant coach and 5-year head coach, at the Division 1 level, Maren has leadership and management experience in high stress and public spheres including The United States Naval Academy, Penn State University, and North Dakota State University.

She encourages others to stand taller, reach further, and dig deeper. It’s this influence, motivation, and dedication that makes Maren an asset to the Won For All team.

Award winning Host, Juno nominee, WFA Broadcast Team

Tara Slone

Tara is host of docuseries Top of [Her] Game on Sportsnet & co-host of Rogers Hometown Hockey.

Tara Slone currently co-hosts the groundbreaking NHL broadcast Rogers Hometown Hockey alongside Ron MacLean.

She is also at the helm of the weekly Sportsnet docuseries Top of [HER] Game, focusing on stories of empowered women in the world of sports.

In alignment with her goal of shining a light on women in sports and broadcasting, to grow female, visibility, accessibility, and participation while developing an emerging voice to close the gender gap, Tara continues the momentum of positively advancing women in sports, as a member of Won For All’s Sports Broadcast Team in the capacity of Coach, Mentor. and Speaker, sharing her experiences and knowledge to help educate and create new opportunities beyond the playing field, and into the booth.

Mental Performance Coach

Dr. Rolf Wagschal

Dr. Rolf is Won For All's Mental Performance Coach and a Professional Member, Canadian Sport Psychology Association

Dr. Rolf Wagschal has almost 20 years of experience working as a mental performance consultant. He is known for assisting high-performance individuals and teams find unique and customized solutions to the myriad challenges they face daily – both on and off the field of play.

A member of Won For All’s leadership team, his primary professional focus is working with athletes, and throughout his career, he has worked with just about every kind of sport one can imagine.

Building off his own experience as a former high-performance athlete as an internationally competitive sailor, Dr. Wagschal has a passion for helping to build people and team cultures in ways that foster optimism, collaboration, self-awareness, and a growth mindset.

Leadership Performance Coach

Michelle Newton

Michelle Newton is Won For All's Leadership Performance Coach, author, and holds a level 3 NCCP certification.

Won For All Bench Coach, Michelle Newton has 20+ years of experience as a sport performance coach, both nationally and internationally specializing in the TAIS assessment tool. A tool that measures an athlete’s ability to perform under pressure, uncovers weaknesses, and reveals blind spots in their game.

Michelle’s athletic background includes DH ski racing, mountain bike stage racing, and ultra-marathoning. Because of this competitive background, Michelle understands what it takes to be able to handle pressure, overcome obstacles, and be the best of the best.

For these reasons, she is very relatable and able to connect on a deeper level with her clients. Her strength lies in her ability to coach athletes in a way that builds trust and belief in themselves to achieve greatness in their sport.



All activities & courses below will be held on-campus


Introduction to Broadcast Sports & Performance

Broadcasting Terminology - Intro, Outcue, Tag Lines etc.

Write, perform and record updates

And more!

Podcasting* Some Course work will be virtual

Radio Show & Podcasting - What's the Difference?

Storyboarding (Writing) a Podcast

Produce and execute radio podcasts

And more


Understanding difference between anchoring/reporting/live and in studio

Stand ups – physical and vocal

Record on cams and live hits (and maybe voiceover work)

Create 5-minute mini shows

And more


Feedback & Analysis

Highlight Reel

You will receive a professionally edited highlight reel that can be added to your portfolio & packaged with your resume when looking for a career in broadcasting.

Certificate of Completion

All exercises or activites below will be completed virtually through the Won For All online Learning Lab

Beyond The Athlete Identity

Personal Brand Story

You will work with Won For All's Personal Brand Coach to gather, understand, and analyze not only your personal perceptions of yourself but how others also perceive you. This process helps develop your authentic personal brand story - your unique voice as you pursue your passion and purpose beyond the game.

Leadership Performance

You will work with Won For All's Sport Performance Coach to uncover & recognize your leadership/communications strengths, becoming more focused, motivated and confident, with the ability to excel under pressure.

Your Game Plan

Strategic Communications & Networking

Armed with your Authentic Leadership Brand Guide, and the knowledge garnered on-campus at SHU, you will work with Won For All's Wagschal Marketing Strategy Coaches to develop key communication tools and a plan to network with your target market audiences that will fuel your business success.

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