Robert Paris

Life Transformation Coach

Robert Paris – MBA, BCOM, CSP – is recognized as a pioneer in applying fundamental principles of neuroscience to coaching, teamwork, and leadership development. He is a certified professional coach with certifications in the Foundations of Neuroleadership and in Whole Brain Thinking.

Robert brings his unique and innovative work in the emerging field of neuroleadership to Won For All, having helped transform the lives of many individuals in a multitude of organizations across the globe.

Robert’s RENEW© process has been proven to be a powerful coaching, leadership development, and team-building tool – based on authenticity, vulnerability, and emotional resiliency, and has had a significant impact on changing individuals’ belief systems and, ultimately, their ability to perform at higher levels with much more meaning and fulfillment.

Robert’s client base includes renowned organizations such as the Cirque du Soleil, where he helped coaches and performers take control of their brains and maximize their potential. He has recently taken his ground-breaking work into professional sports, successfully coaching an NHL alumnus and a gold medal-winning Olympics athlete.

Robert is the President of Myelin Leadership International, where he also works with Won For All Team Member, and Olympian Jamie Sale, and has an MBA from the University of Toronto.