With both elite, professional athletes, and global business leaders on its world-class team, Won For All launched a first-of-its-kind strategy to better serve the world’s athletes, their stakeholders, and the Business of Sports leaders.

Our Team ranges from active and former elite athletes to entrepreneurs and philanthropists, to corporate executives and thought leaders, from the Big 4 to the Fortune 500, from multiple verticals, and with a broad range of C-suite experiences.

With a distinctive and diverse combination of global sports, music and entertainment, media, technology, banking, talent, change, and brand management experiences and expertise, Won For All’s Management and Advisory Teams have an unrivalled track record of supporting emerging and established world-class leaders, brands, and organizations.

Margo Malowney

VP Strategy & Purpose

John Tolkamp

Digital Strategy

Steven Caldwell

Head of Global Soccer

Sirena Amarikwa

Dir., Community

Max Dawson

VP Talent Management

Kelly Margani

Dir., Learning & Education

Neel Singh

Brand Strategy

Jason O'Brien

Executive Vice President

Joe Jackman


Gary Moss

Tech Start-up Advisor

Meghan Nichol

Human Resources

Dan Upperco


Nathan Belcher

Head of Technology

Kelley Haggert

Communications PR

Stu Grimson

Athlete Stakeholders

Dr. Rolf Wagschal

VP Practice Leader